We create a visual impact for brands, engage audiences and deliver larger than life experiences through both conventional & bespoke skill sets. We push the limits of creativity and production.

Tate Modern Weather Project

Berlin TV Tower

Leicester City FC

Aston Villa FC

IET Entrance Hall Art Project

Waldorf Hotel London


The prestigious Waldorf Hilton Hotel was undergoing major exterior renovation with the full front face scaffolded and boarded. The Waldorf wanted an artistic full elevation building wrap with a design to illustrate the many various aspects to the hotel.


Working with the artist, the hotel & Westminster council we were able to deliver the full project on time. Our logistics team managed to acquire full planning permission. Blade’s technical team designed, built & installed the giant wrap completely concealing the building works underneath. This 1 400m2 wrap welcomed a hotel filled Disney staffing event.

New Delhi Building wrap


Max Estates, one of India’s largest commercial construction & development companies found us and contracted our international expertise to help launch India’s first flexible shared workspace in New Delhi.


With the new development along side a main motorway & being able to be seen from miles away, we designed, engineered & delivered this 1 200m2 corner wrap. Everything was produced, manufactured & printed in the UK and shipped to India. The building is positioned along a high-wind belt and our systems had to engineered to withstand those winds.

Our logistics team handled all export, customs and travel for our riggers. This project broke several records in India and we were proud to be a part of this project.

Sixt Hannover Airport

O2 Hole In The Wall

Year of Humanities


Germany wanted to create an abstract awareness of human achievements through an artistic approach highlighting a quality for each letter of the alphabet.


Giant perspective letters were attached to iconic & symbolic buildings which when viewed from the information board location would give a perspective view of that letter. The fractals only combine to form a letter when the viewer is at the right vantage point.

For example the letter “D” was placed on the parliament building across from the Reichstag standing for Democracy. The vantage point had an information board with the details of democracy. The letter “Q” was placed on the VW Headquarters standing for Quality.

The challenge was to ensure the size of the actual print would create the letter in perfect proportion. The width of this varied from as wide as 12m down to half a meter on some letters.

Westfield Shopping Centre Launch

The launch of Westfield Stratford saw Blade Rigg install two long banners on the mall’s façade. Our challenges here included the banner’s heavy weight and a weak supporting wall. To overcome this, we carefully engineered the perfect frame and support structure. This not only allowed the advertising banner to work, it also ensured we achieved our client’s vision within budget.

Trophy sculpture

Snow Hill Building Wrap

Reichstag Building Wrap

FIA Rally Cross trophy podium design



Nandos wanted to raise their brand awareness & drive more customers to their new restaurant. Create a marketing campaign to increase local support.


A local roadside billboard was used as the bait. 5 giant gift card were produced and stuck onto the billboard periodically through the day. The aim was for members of the public to remove the massive gift card and carry it down the road to the nearest Nando’s restaurant & win 5 free meals for 9 mates.

The attention & social media hype meant that by the time our team fitted the 2nd card there were loads of people waiting around to grab the next card. The card’s themselves were flexible and created quite a stir with crowds watching people try carry these huge cards down the road. This was very effective in the launch of the new restaurant.

We can source your locations, manage the pre-media launch, produce the materials required and build your pop-up marketing sites.

Mini Cooper


Mini wanted to raise their brand awareness with full scale Mini Coopers “driving” up the sides of buildings across the country.


Exact scale replicas were built with high-definition finishing and installed at 12 prominent locations. Using additional signage print and building wrap domination, the brand message was clear,… it was a Mini Adventure. The 3D replicas were molded off the real Cooper with structural rigging points & built from GFRP materials. With our expert riggers, these were installed to various structure & buildings.

Scale replicas remain one of the best methods of brand awareness & experiential marketing as it stands out from all forms of flat marketing, including digital screens.

Silver Surfer

Vitality Big Half Letters

Brief: Design & Build weather-proof giant 3D letters

Event: London Marathon Big Half Festival

London Olympics

Blade Rigg proudly helped London prepare for the 2012 Olympics by being awarded the contract by CSM Live to install the visual graphics for all the grandstands, camera towers and way-finding signage. This amounted to more than 100,000m2 of banner, which was installed over 16 venues across Greater London. The project incorporated fins (flags), hero banners, grandstand wraps, doorway entrances, sporting vinyl graphics and way-finding signage. Each site required its own unique design and alterations.

We also designed and created custom-built framework systems in huge quantities, all the time sticking to the Organising Committee’s strict schedule. We also advised on which shape or systems would best fit each location. We embraced the challenges posed by the vastly differing sites and designs, as well as those imposed by such a short timescale. It was certainly worth it – the sensational results were seen all over the world.

London Tube Replica Life Size 3d Build

Apparently Londoner’s can’t get enough of the fast paced underground, so our client has commissioned Blade Rigg to build a replica to incorporate into their new office as a meeting room. With a very low budget we’re giving their office a fun interactive edge to help lift staff productivity.